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Erlab Filtration Solutions




VELP SER 158 - Automatic Solvent Extractor


Science for a safer world



IKA RV 8 and RV 10 rotary evaporators


Oil reference materials from LGC


Термостатни водни бани NAHITA


Магнитни Бъркалки с RET контрол - IKA Werde


Going higher, faster, further – thanks to the fully automated high bay warehouse of KERN & Sohn



JP SELECTA - Autoclaves for preserved food pasteurization/sterilization



Introducing the Hettich MIKRO 185 Tabletop Microliter Centrifuge


The EBA 200 and EBA 270 Clinical Centrifuges from Hettich



VELP UDK 169 & AutoKjel Kjeldahl Analyzer with Autosampler


VELP Automatic Kjeldahl Digester DKL Series



New product line from IKA: Immersion and circulating thermostats


Thermo Fisher Scientific CONNECTIONS

Лабимекс с гордост осъществява Вашата връзка с
ХИМИКАЛИТЕ и РЕАКТИВИТЕ предлагани от Thermo Fisher Scientific


AcroSeal® Extra Dry Solvents


Fisher Chemical Optima LCMS Solvents


Fisher Chemical Standards